Hair Removal WILL change your life!

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Laser Hair Removal WILL change your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many sessions will i need?A. Everyone is different. Usually The bigger the area the more session you will need. Average is 10-12 sessions.

Q. Is it Painful?A. The pain sensation is minimal, but depends on the individuals sensitivity and pain threshold.

Q. Do I need to grow my hair?A. No, Hair must be shaved the day before.

Q. Can I wax before/during my laser therapy sessions?A. No, you will need to wait for 4 weeks after your last wax to start your laser sessions and you cannot start waxing once you have started laser, shaving or cream hair removal techniques may be used to get rid of the hair before/ during IPL sessions.

Q. Can I do IPL when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?A. No it is not recommended.

Q. What is Blotching and when does it occur?A. Blotching is patches of the treated area where the hair has stopped growing. This may start occurring from the 2-3 session.