Treatments And services

Treatments And services
We offer a wide variety of wellness treatments

Massage and Body Treatments


Collagen Induction Microneedling

Radio Frequency

Waxing and Tinting


Permanent Makeup & Microblading

Eyelash Extentions

Laser Therapy

Lipozone Injections

Laser Lipo & FIR Sauna Blanket




Spa Packages


Spa Facilities

Massage and Body Treatments

Massage and Body Treatments

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

Swedish Massage(Full body 1 hour) – R380.00

(Back, neck & shoulders 30 min) – R290.00Hot Stone Massage(Full body 1 hour) – R400.00(Back, neck & shoulders 30 min) – R300.00Aromatherapy Massage(Full body 1 hour) – R380.00(Back, neck & shoulders 30 min) – R290.00Pre & Post Natal massage(Full body 1 hour) – R400.00(Back, neck & shoulders 30 min) – R300.00Other Indian Head Massage (30 min) – R150.00Foot Massage (30 min) – R140.00Reflexology (30 min) – R200.00Body Scrubs and WrapsSpalicious Mandarin and Sandalwood Self Heating Sugar Scrub(1Hour)- R400.00Spalicious Mandarin and Sandalwood De-Tox Body Mask(1Hour)- R350.00Thalaspa Algae De-Tox Body Mask(1Hour)- R250.00Thalaspa Sea Water Soak in a Tub(30mins)- R150.00Peppermint Hands and feet exfoliation & massage (30 min)-R180.00


Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

SIX Velocity facial (30 min) – R260.00SIX Heavenly Journey skin treatment (40 min) – R320.00SIX Timeless skin treatment (1 hour) – R400.00SIX Sensational skin treatment (90 min) – R490.00

SIX Peel Treatments

Mini SIX 30% Lactic or Gycolic Peel (30min) – R400.00Deluxe SIX 30% Lactic or Glycolic Peel with Sensitive Alginate Mask Treatment and Cold Stone Lymph Drainage Facial massage (60min) – R700.00

SIX Facial Add-ons

ADD a SIX PEEL OFF Mask to your Facial to treat your specific needs or ADD the “SIX Eyes Like Diamonds” Treatment to give your eyes the pampering they Deserve!

Alginate Masks

Caviar Elixir Peel off Mask – R180.00Pollution Control Peel off Mask – R180.00Brightening Peel off Mask – R180.00Sensitive Peel off Mask – R180.00SIX Eyes Like Diamonds Treatment – R150.00

RegimA Facials

Deep Cleansing Purifying Facial (60min) – R400.00Ultra Rejuvenating Nourishing Facial (75min) – R480.00Pro Acne Attack Facial (60min) – R500.00

RegimA Power Peel Treatments

30% Peel (30min) – R350.0030% Peel (60-90min) – R450.0050% Peel (30min) – R400.0050% Peel (60-90min) – R500.00


Phyto Active Treatments

Aromatic Facial Treatment (60min) -R380

Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment (75min) -R415

Purifying Treatment (60min) -R355

Sauna Masque Treatment (90min) -R545

Advanced Active Treatments

Hydro-Intensive Treatment (90min) -R650

Intensive Brightening Treatment (90min) -R655

Collagen Induction Microneedling

Collagen Induction Microneedling

Vitaderm Collagen Induction Pen

The collagen Induction Pen is taking the skin care industry by storm. This revolutionary anti-ageing device makes use of disposable micro-needles to penetrate the skin’s surface, stimulating fibroblasts to increase collagen production, thereby rejuvenating the complexion. The Collagen Induction Treatment may be used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, plump thin sagging skin, treat pigmentation and minimize enlarged pores. The following areas respond particularly well: frown lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, neck bands as well as lines on the decollete, but the entire facial area may be easily treated, with remarkable results. Treatment with this device allows the skin’s self repair mechanism to be activated by created numerous micro injuries to the skin, which leads to an increase in the laying down of new collagen fibers. The result is firmer, younger looking skin. Besides the treatment of aging skin, scar tissue and stretch marks respond very well to this form of treatment. (1 Hour) R1200.00

Radio Frequency

Skin Tightening

Full face R700.00Breast Enhancement R800.00Buttocks R900.00Thighs R1200.00

Radio Frequency
Waxing and Tinting

Waxing and Tinting

Deplieve Waxing System used to eliminate unwanted Hair!

Eyebrow shape – R50.00Lip wax – R40.00Chin wax – R50.00Underarm wax – R80.00Full face wax – R160.00Toes/Fingers wax – R20.00Full Leg – R180.00Half Leg – R160.00Full Arm – R140.00Bikini – R150.00Brazilian – R250.00Tinting Eyebrow tint – R50.00Eyelash tint – R50.00Eyebrow & Eyelash tint – R80.00


Bio-Sculpture, Essie professional Nail Varnish and Evo Gelish System used and Skin moisturising extras!


Bio-Sculpture Overlay(1Hour) – R250.00Bio-Sculpture Tips (1Hour30Min) – R350.00Bio-Sculpture 2 Week Fill(1Hour) – R220.00Gelish Colour Overlay(30min) – R250.00Gelish French Overlay (30min) – R260.00Deluxe Manicure (1 hour) – R200.00Express Manicure (30 min) – R150.00


Bio-Sculpture Overlay(1Hour) – R250.00Gelish Colour Overlay(30min) – R250.00Gelish French Overlay (30min) – R260.00Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour) – R220.00Express Pedicure (30 min) – R170.00


Spalicious Pedi Peel (15- 20 min) – R100.00Paraffin Dip (15 min) – R60.00Buff and paint (15 min) – R100.00Soak Off (30min) – R70.00Nail Art – R10.00- R30.00 per nail


Permanent Makeup & Microblading

Imagine the convenience of having perfectly applied makeup enhancing your face, all day, every day. Permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, beautiful sensual lips and eyelash extensions. All totally smear free and flawless. Permanently Beautiful permanent natural cosmetic enhancements allow you to achieve a subtle or vivid colour that sits in the skin and gradually fades over a number of months or even years. achieve a shadow of colour that mimics perfectly applied, up to date makeup, or a discreet enhancement. The results can be basically whatever you want them to be. Your permanent makeup is designed to suit your individual look and can be worn alone or with additional makeup. Permanent eyeliner can enhance your eyes.

Does it hurt?

95% Pain- Free-I can confidently tell you this is an area you don‘t need to worry about. The equipment I use enables me to give you a comfortable, some say relaxing, procedure.

So what, exactly, is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation, is the definitive beauty enhancement. Hypo allergenic pigments are infused into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance your natural beauty. A follow up procedure around 6 weeks from your initial treatment and this ensures your complete satisfaction and evenness of colour. As we are all Unique we heal differently so some of us may need a third treatment. That is to your discretion.

Eyebrow embroidery/Microblading- R1600.00Powder Brows- R1600.00Eyeliner(Natural/Thin Top or Bottom)- R900.00 Eyeliner(Designer Top or Bottom)- R1100.00Eyeliner(Natural/Thin Top AND Bottom)- R1600.00 Eyeliner(Designer Top AND Bottom)- R1900.00 Eyeliner(Mucosal)- R900.00French Eyeliner(Add on)- R900.00Lip Liner(With blend)- R1600.00Full Lips- R2400.00 Beauty Spot- R250.00First Touchup- R650.00

Eyelash Extentions

Natural Look

Full set/4 Week Fill R600.002 Week Fill R350.003 Week Fill R450.00

Eyelash Extentions
Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

E-Light IPL per session rates

Hair Removal

Lip/Chin/Sideburns- R250.00Half Face – R450.00Full Face – R550.00Underarms – R300.00Tummy line – R400.00Bikini (Standard) – R450.00Chest & Tummy – R900.00Brazilian – R600.00Nipple area – R250.00Half arms- R500.00Full arms – R900.00Half legs – R1200.00Full Legs – R2000.00

Stretch Mark Removal

Tummy – R550.00Buttocks – R550.00 Inner and outer thigh – R700.00Buttocks thighs & Tummy – R1300.00

Photo Rejuvenation, Pigmentation & Acne Treatment Half

Face – R550.00Full Face – R650.00

Lipozone Gold Injections

Inject you FAT Away!



PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE (PPC)        750 MGTo crack the membrane of the fat cells in the treated zone and for the outpouring’ of their content into the surrounding tissue

PROPYLENE GLYCOLThis is a colorless and odorless liquid and is water-soluble

LIPOZONE COCKTAIL (BCN FORTE)   250MG4 Ingredients to speed up fat metabolism, general metabolism and movement of the emulsified fat into the lymph system

THIS IS MADE UP OF: Butchersbroom Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus) Caffeine Carnitine

Butchersbroom improve blood circulation and acts as a diuretic and laxative Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus): Stimulation of the thyroid gland as a treatment for obesity and celluliteCaffeine increases metabolismCarnitine: Transports waste and toxic compounds out of the mitochondria, preventing their build-up.

Lipolysis Therapy is an innovative, non surgical and non invasive method to remove the accumulation of stubborn fatty deposits (UNWANTED LOCALIZED AREAS THAT DIET OR EXERCISE DOES NOT ELIMINATE) in targeted regions of the body.


R300.00 (per injection)

Lipozone Gold Injections
Laser Lipo & FIR Sauna Blanket

Laser Lipo & FIR Sauna Blanket

Melt away your FAT!

Laser Lipolysis is a body sculpting procedure, which utilises a thermal process to gently heat up and destroy fat cells in the target area. An additional advantage of the treatment is that the heat stimulates the fibroblasts of the skin (cells that contribute to the formation of connective tissue fibres), which allows you to produce new collagen, resulting in a skin firming effect. This makes the treatment extremely beneficial post-pregnancy.


10 Sessions of Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Blanket Value- R7000.00

Current Price- R2000.00


Ergaline (10 min) Tan Can

Single Session R 80.005 Sessions R 400.0010 Sessions R 800.0020 Sessions R 1400.00


How does tanning work?

Sunbeds use UV or Ultraviolet light to tan your body. Since there are three types of UV light – UVA, UVB, and UVC – sunbeds are designed to use more levels of UVA with lower levels of UVB on your skin to promote the production of melanin, the pigment that makes you look tan even if you don’t spend time under actual sunlight. The most harmful form of UV light is the UVC which tanning beds filter out so that you only get the best forms of UV light.

Why does a tan disappear?

The tan or pigmentation process occurs in the epidermis, the top skin layer. The epidermis replaces all its skin cells every 28-30 days. Cells in the inner portion of the top skin layer divide themselves, migrate to the surface, and flake off. Skin cells contain melanin, and as a result of UV exposure rises to the surface and flake off as well. Therefore, a tan can be maintained only by repeated exposure to UV light.

Is tanning in a salon safe?

Yes! Tanning in a salon is safe, especially compared to being out in actual sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Since tanning beds filter out the UVC light, you’ll get the healthiest forms of UV light. Before tanning regularly you should get a base tan first so as not to get sunburned.

How often can I tan?

You should wait at least 24 hours after a session before tanning again. It is recommended that you do not go more than 3 times a week to make sure you do not get sunburned.

I’m really in a hurry… can I tan more than once on the same day?

To get an “instant” tan you should consider using our spray tan. In just seconds you can have the natural-looking colour you want. If you prefer traditional tanning you are allowed to tan once every 24 hours, but it is recommended that you wait at least 48 hours in between each session to allow your tan to develop fully in between visits.  The tan produced by UVA is immediate but UVB produces more melanin (a protein pigment) in the skin and takes up to 48 hours to develop.  To come more frequently will be a waste of your tanning sessions and dry your skin which leads to premature aging.

You can build up your tan by using the sunbed three to four times a week. Once you have a tan, you can maintain it by tanning once or twice a week.

I’m tanning, but my legs aren’t getting as dark as the rest of me?

Research showed that there is less pigment present in our legs due to the fact that we have less fat under the epidermis (the top skin layer) in our lower legs. The skin on your legs is also thicker than other parts of your body and when you shave or wax your legs, you are mechanically exfoliating the uppermost skin cells and part of your tan.

How long should I tan when I first start?

If you easily get sunburned, it is advisable to start with a smaller exposure time. You can then increase it gradually as you establish a base tan.

What should I wear when I tan?

Tanning cubicles are private areas in which you can wear whatever you like. If you feel more comfortable in your bikini or swimsuit then by all means wear it. Many women, however, do choose to wear underwear so that they do not burn the more private parts of their anatomy. You will also be required to wear eye protection since your eyes, even when closed, can allow the light into them and cause permanent damage.

When shouldn’t I tan?

You should not tan if you have just done so in the past 24 hours or if you are taking photo-sensitizing medication. This will enhance the tan and often cause you to burn. Ask your doctor to be certain you can tan if you are taking any kind of medication.  Some pregnant women choose not to tan as the body chemistry is undergoing changes and tanning results are unpredictable.  Tanning in pregnant women may cause pigmentation so please consult your doctor regarding this.

Why should I use lotion?

All our lotions are specifically designed for the indoor tanning industry; they contain ingredients to assist in achieving maximum tanning results. They are designed not only to maximize and accelerate great tanning results, but most importantly replace essential nutrients, minerals and lost moisture to your skin. Lotions also contain antioxidants to shield free radical damage, promote skin firming and have anti-aging properties.  When you tan with a lotion your colour build up will be a lot faster and you will require less sessions to achieve a beautiful bronze colour.

Do I need to wear an SPF lotion when I tan on a sunbed?

No, because SPF tanning lotions allow you to stay in the sun longer than what is considered safe for you. It is then advisable to wear an SPF tanning lotion when outdoors so to avoid overexpose.



Tan Lab & Brown Sugar

1 Session R350.002 Sessions R600.003 Sessions R870.005 Sessions R1400.00


A self tanning lotion is applied to the skin by means of an airbrush machine. The specially designed airbrush atomizes the self tanning lotion into a cooling vapor which is finely misted onto the skin ensuring an even streak-free application.


An active ingredient in the self tanning lotion called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids found in the top layer of the skin to produce a bronzed tan—very much like the sun does, but without the UVA and UVB damage.


The tan lasts between 4 to 10 days, depending on each person’s natural skin exfoliation. In dryer climates, like Johannesburg, people tend to shed skin more frequently so regular moisturizing is essential to prolong the tan.


There are no known harmful side effects from the use of Tan Incorporated tanning products. A small percentage of people are allergic to DHA and may break out in red spots. If you are one of these people who have previously reacted badly to self tanning lotions, it is important that you advise us when making your appointment, prior to your tanning session. As an extra precaution, we prefer not to spray self tanning lotions on pregnant women. The results may vary due to hormone levels.


Our products may not be effective on people who have been exposed to excessive sun damage, some hormone replacement therapies, steroids or drug use.


Do not swim in chlorinated water as it will bleach your tan. Swimming in the rough seas is not recommended as the sea and sea sand is abrasive Spray tan is highly recommended for functions. We spray many clients for evening functions, matric farewells, photo shoots, body-building competitions, brides etc. Spray tan does not offer protection against the harmful rays of the sun, so please use a sunscreen outdoors You can tan (outdoors or on a sunbed) over a spraytan application. Your skin will continue to darken as the self tanning chemical reaction works on your skin.


80% of the success of the spray tan depends on your preparation at home before the application at our Studio. Pay careful attention to the following steps as there is a great part of the process over which we do not have control. Your efforts will assist you in experiencing the most beautiful even tan.


You must exfoliate your entire body in the morning, or the night before your scheduled appointment . Exfoliation helps promote an even tan coverage and lengthens the duration of your tan through the removal of dead skin cells that would otherwise flake off. When you exfoliate, pay particular attention to the lower half of your legs, knees, ankles, top of feet, toes, elbows and knuckles. You can use an exfoliating cream, face cloth, scrubbing mitten or loofah and a pumice stone on feet if necessary.

It is best to shave or wax at least 8 hours before your appointment. Do not apply deodorant, make-up or moisturizer before your tan as these will act as a barrier and prevent the self tanning lotion from being properly absorbed into your skin.


Wear loose fitting clothing and slops to your appointment. A dark coloured sundress is ideal – as after application some of the self tanning lotion may rub off on your clothes. While it easily washes out of most fabrics, it tends to stain light coloured nylon materials. During the application, you can wear a dark coloured costume or underwear, or you may choose to wear the disposable underwear supplied by us.


The actual tanning application only takes 5 minutes, but you will need an extra 5 to 10 minutes to allow for drying.


For at least 12 hours after your tan, you should:

NOT wash your handsNOT wear jewelleryNOT apply moisturizerNOT wear tight clothingNOT swim or immerse yourself in waterNOT exercise or wear closed shoes (perspiration immediately after the tan can interfere with the DHA’s chemical reaction with the skin).


Wait at least 10 – 12 hours after your tan before taking your first bath or shower.

Do not be alarmed to see colour washing off the first time you bath or shower as this is merely the surface bronzing colour. Your skin will continue to darken as the self tanning chemical reaction develops on the top layer of the skin.


After your post tan shower, apply a moisturizer or oil in the morning and evening. A well hydrated skin is essential to maintaining your tan and extending its duration. Lotions containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids increase skin exfoliation, therefore the their use will accelerate the fading of your tan.

After showering or bathing, do not rigorously rub the towel against your skin ( this exfoliates) rather gently pat the towel against your skin.


Fully Equipped Dolce Hair Salon

C/Blow R300.00-R380.00Cut only R250.00Blowdry R150.00-R230.00Root tint R360.00Med tint. R400.00Long tint. R450.00Extra long R500.00( bra strap)Full head high lights R800.00Half head. R600.00Top. R500.00Per foil. R30.00-R50.00

Brasil blow out:Short. R500.00Med. R1000.00Long. R1200.00Extra long. R1600.00Upstyle. R400.00

Spa Packages

Spa Packages

Let us Pamper you….

Birthday Package (For that Special Someone)

Six Sensational skin Velocity Facial, that will be tailor made to your specific needs leaving your skin rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed. Indulge in a full body Hot Stone Massage. Buff & Paint to tidy up those nails in no time at all and an express pedicure that will leave your feet happy and ready for all those summer sandals.

+Recieve a 5pc Featherstroke Compact Makeup Brush Set as a Pressie!

Duration – 2 hour

Value – R950.00pp

Current Price – R800.00pp

Have a time out! (You deserve it)

Relaxing full body Swedish or Aromatherapy massage, scalp pressure point Indian head massage that relieves tension, Peppermint hand and feet exfoliation and pressure point massage leaving your hands and feet silky soft.

Duration – 2 hour

Value – R710.00 pp

Current Price – R500.00 pp

Pamper-licious Dolls (Special for two-for best friends or mother and daughter)

Begin with a full body massage of your choice, followed by relaxing in an uplifting Rose petal spa bath where you will be served a glass of Sparkling grape juice, you will then receive a deluxe manicure and pedicure including a Rose petal soak, classic manicure and pedicure with a Strawberry or Rose paraffin dip on both your hands and feet and a choice of either a classic or French paint.

Duration – 3 hour Value – R1850.00

Current Price – R1400.00 for 2 people or R900.00 pp


You will receive muffins, coffee / tea on arrival, let us indulge your skin with a full body papaya enzyme or peppermint scrub & wrap that will leave your skin glowing and fully rejuvenated. Then relax in a refreshing spa bath with a complimentary glass of Sparkling grape juice, you will then be treated to a full body hot stone therapy massage focusing on muscle tension, then experience the Six Sensational Timeless skin treatment facial which restores natural luminosity to your complexion and revitalizes tired dull skin whilst smoothing out expression lines and wrinkles by using professional massage techniques and firming and rejuvenating products to stimulate production of collagen and elastin, lay back, relax and enjoy an Indian head massage, then enjoy a deluxe manicure and pedicure with Crème, Rose or Strawberry paraffin dip on both your hands and feet.

Duration – 5 hour 30 minutes

Value – R1550.00pp

Current Price – R1200.00 pp

Current Specials

Unbeatable prices!

Laser Hair Removal Specials:

Underarms R100

Bikini R150

Half Legs R450

Laser Package:

6 sessions Underarms

6 sessions Bikini

6 session half legs


Slimming Specials:

Laser Lipo

10 Sessions of Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna Blanket

Value R7000

Current Price R2000

Ozone Lipozone Slimming Injections

R300 each or 4 Injections for R1000

Spa Specials:

Full Body Massage Loyalty Programe  R150 each (Min once a month)

Six Reveal 30% Lactic/Glycolic Peel R350

Vitaderm Collegan Induction Therapy (Microneedling Pen) R650ea or 6 sessions R3300

Spoil my Mommy! (She deserves All of this and More!)Relaxing full body Swedish or Aromatherapy massage or Hot Stone Massage, Peppermint hand and feet exfoliation and pressure point massage leaving your hands and feet silky soft.Duration – 1 hour 30minsValue – R710.00 ppCurrent Price – R350.00 pp

Summer retreat! (Well deserved Me time)A luxurious Back neck and shoulder massage,express manicure and indulge in a rose infused paraffin pedicure.Duration – 2 hoursValue-R640.00ppCurrent Price – R400.00 pp

Pampersome! (Feel truly pampered!)A luxurious Full body hot stone massage, Six Sensational Skin Timeless anti-ageing facial, and a hands and feet exfoliation and pressure point massage leaving your hands and feet silky softDuration-2hoursValue-R900.00ppCurrent Price – R450.00 pp

Week Day Special!Indulge in a full body massage of your choice, Indian head pressure point massage and a deluxe manicure and pedicure including hands and feet rose paraffin dip.Duration – 3 hour 30minsValue – R1010.00 ppCurrent Price – R500.00 pp

Matric Dance Special! (Be the Belle of the Ball!)Full body Chocolate Scrub that will leave your skin glowing for the big night! Followed by a relaxing spa bath whilst having a moisture boost Mask on your face. Then indulge yourself with an Express Manicure and Pedicure and select the colour that best suits you from our essie summer collection..Duration – 2 hoursValue-R520.00ppCurrent Price – R340.00 pp(Week day)

Current Specials
Spa Facilities

Spa Facilities

Sit back and Relax….

Outdoor Pool (15-30mins) – Free of Charge OutdoorRelaxtion Area (15-30mins) – Free of ChargeSauna Cabin (15-30mins) – R80.00Jacuzzi (15-30mins) – R100.00